Lala Kids - Spanish Baby Wear and Traditional Children's Clothing Boutique

Hi, I’m Robyn, lover of fashion, mother to Lavinia and director of Lala Kids.

A family-run business based in Liverpool, we specialise in bringing traditional, hand-made, knitted and Spanish kid’s clothes to parents across all over the world.

Born from passion and dedication

Lala Kids was born, not from a business plan, but as a result of my passions coming together.

As any parent, I believe a child’s early years should be filled with happiness, fun and colour. It’s important to make their experiences bright and memorable.

What they wear day-to-day plays a part in this. Unique, well-fitted clothing makes children comfortable, nurtures their individuality and boosts their confidence.

Solving problems for parents

After the birth of my daughter Lavinia, aka Lala, I wanted to dress her in unique, great-fitting clothes. But I couldn’t find what I wanted among the cookie-cutter lines in high street shops. Like most new parents, I also didn’t have time to go shopping with a newborn.

I turned to the internet to find traditional, luxury children’s clothes and baby knitwear.

Spanish children’s clothes and Spanish baby dresses became a favourite of mine. They're particularly well-made, beautifully designed and of the highest quality.

I also adore handmade pieces and baby knitwear. The attention, detail and love that goes into them adds that extra special something.

The birth of Lala Kids

Finding clothes for Lala was something fun I looked forward to, rather than a chore. They sparked compliments and interest from other parents. This made me dream about bringing children’s clothing to others on a larger scale.

With this passion driving me, I took the plunge and set up Lala Kids.

Bringing something special to our customers

Building relationships with small, family-run businesses like our own, we bring standout labels to our customers in the UK and Europe.

Amongst the designers in the Lala Kids catalogue are:

DBB Collection, Carmen Vazquez/Ricittos, Carlomagno, Condor, Okaa Spain, Minhon, Newness, Nekenia, Sonata plus more


Lala Kids has grown at a fast pace and continues to flourish. I source all outfits personally and am always looking for new opportunities, designers and boutiques to work with.

High standards with a personal touch

Receiving a high-quality service is as important as the products you buy.

Choosing us means you’ll get a personalised experience every time. Any queries and hitches come straight to me and I do all I can to resolve them.

We're honoured to bring you the special children’s clothing you're looking for.

Thank you for your continued custom.

Robyn Xx